About us

Broomstix puts you in touch with cleaners near you

  • You get an immediate receipt 
  • You don't have to worry about paying cash
  • Only pay after the work is done
  • Hourly rates from £10.99 per hour 


How it works

Firstly, you enter your post code. Make sure it's the post code of the property you'd like to be cleaned.

Then tell us your preferences for time, date and frequency. We search our database of Edinburgh cleaners and we show you a longlist of matching candidates. You browse their profiles and select the all the possible candidates you’d like to offer the work. Choose as many candidates as possible to ensure a speedy response. Our cleaning agency database contains domestic cleaners as well as others who specialise in office cleaning.

Once you’ve made your selections, we verify your payment card details and then we notify only those candidates you’ve personally chosen. 

We send your offer out to the shortlist of your approved candidates. When a candidate accepts your offer, we put you in contact with each other. Your cleaner will get in touch and arrange their first visit. Ask them to take along with them their ID, references and any other documents you’d like to see. It's up to you to ensure you're happy with the candidate. Where possible, Broomstix vets the candidates for ID and address but if we haven't been provided with sufficient documents, we mark the profile "Not ID checked". 

After your cleans, you can rate your cleaner and provide feedback. You'll find a link to do so with each invoice email.

If you need to alter your appointments at any time, our cleaners are sure to be helpful and flexible. Just ask.


With Broomstix, you pay  safely and securely online – so no more scrambling around for cash. Once you're happy with your cleaner we hope you'll have a long and trusting relationship. Once you've built up that trust, if you're happy to give your professional a key,  you don't even have to be there. 

Payments work just like Uber – when they’ve finished the job, the cleaner logs the hours they’ve worked within 3 days, a charge is raised against your payment card, and you automatically receive an emailed receipt notification.

Our secure online banking partner is Stripe. Check them out here

Our Cleaners

Broomstix cleaners are all truly self-employed. Our cleaners choose the times and places they want to work. You arrange work schedules and keep in touch with your cleaner direct. Broomstix doesn't get in the way. We put you in touch with your cleaner and we provide a safe, easy payment system. 


There are no hidden fees or additional charges. Our cleaners’ £/hr rates are displayed on their profile. Once you have a cleaner working for you, their rate is fixed. The rate won’t change.

The rate shown is fully inclusive and you only pay the £/hr rate you see.

There are no other charges, no hidden fees. At all. Ever.

Payment Card Verification

If you're a first time client, we need to verify your payment card.

We don't take a deposit and you're only charged once your cleaner has completed the job and logged their hours.

Minimum Commitments and Visit Frequency

Broomstix £/hr rates vary depending on the frequency of the job.

All regular bookings have a minimum commitment period and a minimum visit duration. Daily bookings require a minimum commitment of 40 hours in total. Weekly bookings have a minimum commitment of 20 hours in total. Fortnightly bookings have a minimum commitment of 10 hours in total. One-off bookings have a minimum commitment period of 4 hours only. If the minimum commitment periods are not completed within the appropriate timescale (see our full Terms & Conditions), or is terminated by the Client early, we reserve the right to charge a fee of £2 per hour for the unfulfilled contract hours plus £25 administration cost.


For full Terms & Conditions, click here


If you have any queries, please contact us on 0131 574 3253