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Broomstix - The best Domestic Cleaning services provider

Broomstix is the professional domestic cleaning agency in Edinburgh, providing the cleaning services to hundreds of homes every day. Your home must be an oasis where you can relax and squeeze out the stress that you had. Your home must be inviting and arranged enough that even if you skip the daily cleaning chores, the dirty tangles shall not populate and replicate themselves creating a hustle and bustle in your home. To avoid this, get your homes benefitted by the domestic cleaning services that will provide you best assistance for immaculating your homes.

The regular household cleaning ensures a hygienic and tidy environment. The messy and haphazard spaces in your homes are waiting to be cleaned up. They need to be treated in a while so that you can feel the freshness around. The best moments that need to be celebrated occur unknowingly and in all the sudden, you do not have enough time for cleaning. Thus availing the regular cleaning, weekly cleaning or fortnightly cleaning services will ensure your place to be neat and tidy.

If you are not yet convinced for choosing the best domestic cleaning agency in Edinburgh, here are some of the reasons for opting Broomstix-

  • Broomstix is affordable- The Broomstix services are cost-effective. Based on the type of services you want to avail, we charge you. For regular cleaning, you can choose our cleaners at £11/hour for a cleaner. That’s surely not too much and won’t make your pockets feel lighter! After all, you’ll get abundant time to spend with your family that you stole by hiring those domestic cleaners to do the filthy work for you.
  • Broomstix has insured cleaners- Our experienced cleaners take pride in cleaning your homes to meet our cleaning standards that will make you merrier. These cleaners are insured and vetted. These trained and motivated people will make your home sparkling.
  • Broomstix provides flexible cleaning- You can book the Broomstix cleaners simply by logging on to our website and then selecting the desired options. The cleaners are available 24/7 and provide you the flexibility by even performing their duties on Sundays or other public holidays.

Now, it is certain that making a choice of good cleaners is an easy job now. You need not worry as your home is in safe hands and we would provide the best cleaning services for your home. But then another question now arises that what all services do we offer? Let’s take a quick tour to our essentials.

Broomstix’s areal services


  • Shifting the mattress and dusting the area
  • Removing the curtains and washing them
  • Dusting your frames and other artistic works
  • Cleaning and arranging the wardrobes
  • Scrubbing the baseboards
  • Dusting the door and windows
  • Vacuuming the carpets and other non-displaceable sheets


  • Removing stains from the counter-tops
  • Making the chimneys grime-free
  • Clean your storage area and the grocery-storage place
  • Mopping the floor to make it shiny and stainless
  • Cleaning the electrical appliances


  • Sanitize the reachable areas
  • Washing the bathtubs and bathing cabinets
  • Cleaning the soot accumulated behind the geyser
  • Removing hard water deposits from taps and showers
  • Cutting the scum from soap case

Apart from all these, we also cater your needs for laundry, ironing, feeding the pets, cleaning the pet house etc. So, cleaning your homes is not something that will stress you. You simply need to hire the cleaners and avail the domestic cleaning services in your homes.