How choosing a house cleaner made me happier, healthier and more productive

Deep asleep with the beautiful dreams and suddenly you are hitched maybe because of a lot of clutter accumulated or some dirty tangles of dirt and grease that surrounds you and there's a need for home cleaning. You are awake because of the cleaning task that even haunts you at night!

We have a solution to for your sleepless nights because of the cleaning worries. Who won’t be happy to see someone coming into your house to provide home cleaning services? The answer is of course- No one! Every busy schedule is getting converted into busier, and the dirty homes are becoming dirtier. So why give another thought of cleaning it yourself or hiring a maid?

Let the most polished cleaners in Edinburgh reach out to you for home clean services. You simply need to sit and watch the people performing their cleaning jobs. Sense the clean beautiful home where you could spent another weeks or months peacefully without the burden of cleaning every day.

We understand your cleaning needs as well as concern about hiring the people that are strangers to you. But, some trusted and reputed agencies one of which is Broomstix in Edinburgh town can work for you, with full commitment and keeping the ‘trust’ promises. The vetted trainers who are examined well are sent to your residence for home cleaner services.

Efficient cleaning is very important and following it is the customer satisfaction. We would appreciate if you point out the things that are left undone or missed by chance. If you’re home and tell us we’ll fix it at the same moment, but if you find one or a two after we leave, we assure you to reach within next 48 hrs and clean it.




Services we offer-

Our cleaners are available 24*7, you need to decide the time and we’ll be there for your services.

  • Ironing and laundry

  • Floors
  • Carpets
  • Upholstery 
  • Cleaning services for homes with pets

At times, life happens and you might invite some guests or throw a party and hangover may continue till the next morning. We understand the time and won’t mind collecting the bottles, cleaning the dishes or moving the tables. Being a human, we will support you and provide our best assistance in home cleaning.